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Top 10 Powerful Casino Tips That Work in 2022

When you plan on hitting an online casino, be it a land-based or an online one, you may go a lot further by following some of these gambling tips. This article has been made to help avoid getting into debt and squeeze everything out of your gambling experience.

1. Choose The Right Game

You have a greater chance to win in a game that you are not only passionate about but also know everything about. That’s why it is crucial to choose the game you know from the inside out or to thoroughly learn the rules beforehand.

If it’s a table game, you can practice online or with your friends for free, until you master the game. If it’s pokies or some similar casino game, online casinos traditionally offer demos of some of their games that you can play for free too. Go through the rules and make sure you understand them.

2. Figure Out The Bonuses

In many cases, the terms and conditions of getting a bonus in an online casino are not that hard to understand but pretty long to read. That is why a lot of gamblers, especially beginners, don’t even read them. But if you want to use the opportunities the casino gives you, you better figure out the terms of getting a bonus.

Then you have to decide if you are ready to fulfil them. Sometimes a bonus can play into your hands, sometimes it’s better to ignore it. Check the wagering requirements before accepting the bonus, especially if you need to make a deposit to get the bonus.

3. Limit Your Spendings

It’s one of the best tips out there. Before going to a casino or visiting an online one, you have to decide the amount of money you are willing to spend. Think of an amount you won’t get into trouble for losing. Being prepared for the worst is a great strategy and you don’t want to spend your last savings. The greatest mistake is to chase your loss and believe you will be able to win your money back by making a risky bet. That’s why, as soon as you have reached your limit, winning or losing, it’s time for you to call it a day.

4. Limit Your Winnings

It may be hard to do, but limit the amount of your winnings too. Think beforehand of a reasonable winning amount you would like to reach and leave the casino when you do. Statistics say that any casino wins much more money than it loses. So the longer you are staying there, the more likely you are to lose some of your money or even all of it. When players are on a winning streak, they tend to think they’re unbeatable and it will last forever. And that’s when they lose everything. So, just grab your winnings and have a chance to enjoy them.

5. Focus Is The Key

In most cases, casinos like to maintain a certain level of glamour and style in their appearances. It sure is pleasing to the eye, but also distracts players’ attention from what is going on at the gaming table. Try to distance yourself from all the distractions during the game and save exploring the beauties of the casino for your break. It’s better to stay focused whether you are gambling in a traditional casino or an online one.

Another thing you have to keep in mind is you should not drink when you’re gambling. Alcohol affects your attention and your judgement, so you won’t be able to play at your best. Sometimes casinos can give you a free beverage, and if they do – save it for later. Even if you don’t get drunk, you will have better chances at the table, be it in real life or online, when you are completely focused.

6. Easy Does It

It’s easy to fully immerse yourself in a game and forget about the outside world. But sooner or later you will burn out and that can result in a loss of all your money. Take a break. Take a walk outside, grab a bite, drink some non-alcoholic beverage, have a chat. Think about how long you are planning to stay at the casino, count your winnings and losses, and go back if you feel like that was enough. That’ll help you clear your head and get back to the game with a refreshed look.

7. Only Legit Casinos

That’s mostly one of the online casino tips, but it’s better to be careful at all times. When choosing a gambling platform, always go for casinos with a gaming license that have a good reputation. Read the reviews and scout the web to make sure the casino doesn’t have any problems with withdrawing money, doesn’t impose any additional fees, and doesn’t try to trick its customers by using unlicensed software and games providers. This way you will keep your money safe and avoid unnecessary frustrations.

8. Know Your Pokies

If you are a beginner who decides to play progressive pokies, it will be best for you to learn the rules of qualifying for the jackpot. Overall, that kind of pokies has the same game process as regular ones, only every bet made contributes to the jackpot. Usually, progressive pokies have a minimum bet that you need to make to claim the jackpot. If the bet is too high for you, better choose the non-progressive pokies.

9. Ask The Dealer

It might sound strange to beginners, but if you don’t know what move you should do, simply ask the dealer. In most cases, he or she will give you a hint, something like “most players would do this with this hand” if we talk about blackjack. People tend to think that dealers are there to trick you and make you lose your money. Sure, dealers can’t directly tell you what moves to make or how to beat them, but they are there to help you figure out the rules and have a good time. They won’t deliberately lead you on a losing path, so don’t hesitate to ask for a hint if you think you need one.

10. Use Loyalty Programs

These days a lot of respectable casinos have at least some kind of rewards programs for their customers. Usually, the membership is free and every program has several levels. Each level comes with its special bonuses. You spend money at the casino and the casino gives you points. When you get enough of them, you may get fee-free parking on the territory of the casino, free meals and drinks at the buffet, or sometimes even a cashback, which is some percentage of the funds you’ve lost. Be sure to explore the terms of your casino’s loyalty program and sign up before you start spending your money there.


There are no casino tips and tricks that can save you from losing or guarantee a win. But with a little bit of wit, you can keep your losses to a minimum and your winnings to a maximum. The recipe is simple: come prepared and don’t forget to have a good time.