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Premium Australian Online Poker

Poker is highly favoured among Australian gamblers together with online casino followers around the world. Such liking is attributed to the essence of this game: in poker you are in charge of your success, not chiefly your luck.

Poker variations truly impress. There are tons of models in general online casinos, with their abundance on specialized poker sites. Therefore, you will unquestionably find your type and delight in it.

Many people fear poker and opt to play more comprehensible online games, like keno, pokies or sic bo. In OnlineAusCasino we create user-friendly guides on gambling amusements so that even novice players could learn. Poker is not so black as it is painted. Here we go!

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Why Play Online Poker?

In the best online poker sites this game firmly occupies a position of leading casino amusement. It is a game of enthusiasm and skill, that elevates it above other attractions since you directly impact the outcome. Yet, there are many more features that make poker so appreciated:

  • DIVERSITY of games, that works for those discovering something new.
  • EXPERTISE that helps to win even when your cards leave much to be desired.
  • ACCESSIBILITY that allows you to try this game on online casino and poker sites.
  • COMPETITION that enables you to try your strategy against real opponents.
  • THRILL that captivates you totally and makes you give yourself to this game.
  • REWARD that encourages your practice, skill, and dedication.

Online Poker For Real Money

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Poker Guidelines

In Australian online platforms it is Texas Hold’em poker that occupies the leading position. In this stance, that very variety will befit as a sample. The gameplay is composed of four consecutive rounds. If you smoothly pass all of these you receive the pot with all bets made during a game. One way you achieve it when compiling the highest card combination. Otherwise, you should cause your opponents to fold.


The major task for poker enthusiasts, offline or online, is to test the waters real good and gain money. Having a strong hand – high cards simply put – your chances are decent enough to boldly bet. In other circumstances, it will be indispensable to bluff or fold. But first, let us tell you about ultimate combinations – in reverse order.

Odds, %
Royal Flush
same suit ten, jack, queen, king, ace
Straight Flush
five same suit cards in a row
four identical cards
Full House
Set + Pair
five same suit cards
five cards in a row (ace may be high/low)
678910 A2345 not a Straight! KA234
Set (=Trips)
three identical cards
Two Pair
Pair + Pair
two identical cards
High Card
highest card on hands

Initially, partakers get two cards each. No one knows the cards of other players by contrast with common table cards that all participants can see and apply for their combinations. A final combination can be made up of none, one or two cards from your pocket. In case several players have sister combinations, the highest card directs the outcome, for instance, a Set of eights outplays a Set of sixs.


A game starts even before participants receive cards when two players make obligatory bets – Small and Big Blinds, with Big being two times larger. It is a dealer’s chip that locates gamblers to put Blinds – a person with it takes the button position, a gambler on their left makes Small Blind while the following partaker makes Big. These initiate the bank for participants’ further fight.  Subsequently, gamblers catch two cards and the game is afoot.

If no bets a player can place a minimum Big Blind bet
A player equalizes a present bet
A player boosts a present bet
If no bets a player can pass
A player bales out

Betting Stages (Streets)

    After gamblers receive cards they are to decide on their actions – whether they fold, call or raise. A partaker to the left of Big Blind initiates the game. Other participants move clockwise. All bets placed during betting rounds get into a common pot and move further at once.
  2.  FLOP
    As soon as the preflop ends, three table cards face-up are laid in the centre of the gaming field. Gamblers can make combinations with them but cannot touch them. A person to the left of a button player makes a start in this round. The ‘on the button’ player, as a result, moves last. As things now stand, in this round players can also check and thus transfer their move to the next player without adding to the pot – should there be no bets before.
  3. TURN
    Within this stage another card is put. This street comes up as shown in the flop. By this time, participants now have a broader view of their chances and can easily consider their shots.
  4. RIVER
    During this poker round, a concluding card is revealed ensuring an aggregate picture for gamblers to carry a game-changing betting stage. Here you recur your actions from the previous rounds.


Only those participants who have sailed through the four stages partake in the last round when a victor is designated. Gamblers take turns in revealing their hands. To become a prizetaker your combination must beat your rivals’. It may be comprised of none of your cards, one or two.

A winning combination always includes five cards. If no one collects this, then gamblers compare four-card combinations. Suppose some players have equal combinations. In this scenario, a winning party should show off the highest unpaired card, which became known as a Kicker. Should it repeat itself as well, the bank goes halves.

On many occasions, poker may not last till the showdown. This usually occurs in instances when one partaker bets or raises but their opponents never call. Under these circumstances, the last to bet steals the bank without ever showing their hands.

Best Advice For Online Poker Gamblers

Only 1 out of 10 poker gamblers play successfully. This results from the fact that many players, especially beginners, do not apply strategy, mathematics and bankroll management. Fair point, no general ideal tactic has ever existed and to play efficiently, you should create your personal strategy.

First of all, you must memorize the fundamental poker terminology and know how to use tactical techniques in the streets. Moreover, you will also have to make use of probabilities, poker maths basics and psychology.

Expert gamblers suggest:

  • Memorize hands – during first games keep a cheatsheet within sight;
  • When you have strong cards opt for an aggressive manner of playing – betting, calling, raising;
  • In table late position bluff when your opponents stick to somewhat a passive style;
  • Keep a wary eye on your opponents’ and try to elaborate psychological patterns;
  • Take into account odds and mathematic probabilities not only for your hands;
  • Never kick off the game in a negative unwilling mood.

Main Poker Categories

During its life poker underwent a bunch of transformations and gave life to quite a bunch of its variations. Some became headlines worldwide while others you can meet only on specialised poker sites. Which modification to choose depends on your preferences and we will help you learn about poker variants in Australia.


This type is neck and neck with Texas Hold’Em both in fame and gameplay. Here, however, players receive four personal cards, with five more laid on the table during rounds. To make a combination you must use two personal and three table cards.

Omaha Hi Lo

It is a modified version of Omaha where besides high hands, players can make also low five-card combinations of pieces up to eight. An ace may function as one and consequently be included in low combinations.

7-Card Poker

For more exotic games poker amateurs choose Razz and Stud. In these games participants get seven personal cards in five stages. All players see only four cards of their every opponent – the first two and last cards of each gambler remains unknown.

5-Card Poker

Even though that this type is a chief entertainment in offline houses, some poker sites have evolved to provide it online. Players cannot see the cards of their rivals. This puts bluffing art first.

Russian poker

Its key characteristic resides in the rivalry not among partakers themselves but a face to face opposition of a gambler and dealer. Another peculiarity is an alternative to make long six-card combinations with their specific winning payout rates.

Chinese poker

A peculiar representative of the family that totally differs from oldy worldly poker games. Here you have fewer combinations but more cards – thirteen to be exact – that must be distinguished into the front, middle and back.


Are Online Poker Sites Legal in Australia?

Poker sites from our rating are absolutely allowable and can be accessed by Australian gamblers in compliance with its legislation. As these portals are licensed and registered in accordance with the norms of governing agencies you do not violate any law of Australia.

Can I gamble free poker online?

We recommend you start getting acquainted with this game exactly in this mode. Real money poker sites typically allow their users to launch these games in a demo mode. Gambling for chargeless money you get the opportunity to try gameplay, get used to functionality, become well-versed in hands and streets.

Is online poker a scam?

No. Licensed poker sites regularly undergo examinations to guarantee their safety and integrity. Fraudulent platforms become quickly restricted and imposed heavy fines for illegal activities. As unpredictability is the backbone of a fair game it is a dealer who is responsible for gameplay in real-time hands and RNG (=random number generator) in online.

What is the best online poker provider in Australia?

Not a single poker site in Australia would beat their counterparts completely. As the virtual gambling industry is highly competitive casinos do their utmost to attract your attention offering better conditions and more perks. Plus, we want to be objective and let you decide on your personal favourite offering a large selection of possible destinations.

What is a bluff in poker?

It is a technique you put in place to entrap other participants and triumph. For this, you can create an impression of a player with extremely good cards and make your rivals lose their spirits. Or you can attempt vice versa and convince your rivals that you have far from perfect so they can call and raise without a risk.

Can I Play Poker Online on Mobile?

Mobile gambling has revolutionized the whole industry and become accountable for a large scope of enthusiasts who choose flexibility and accessibility of mobile gadgets. Poker sites are no exception. Developers create customizable versions for small-sized gadgets to make your pastime yet more satisfying. Plus, real money poker sites usually gift extra privileges for mobile users.

Can I earn money in poker?

Sure thing. Many gamblers make use of their poker skills and raise funds on a regular basis. Nevertheless, bear in mind that poker is a risk - you either lose or win. So, always stay wise and keep your head cool. Do not refer to it as a job. Online poker should be primarily an exciting game that can grant you pleasure and something more.