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William Mitchell started his path to becoming a professional gambling writer with extended comments and posts full of passion and well-thought analytics on Twitter. He was soon spotted by a couple of online gambling news websites and hunted as a full-time author for his bold writings.


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What makes William professional writer in Gambling Industry

William Mitchell’s educational journey laid the foundation for his successful career as a gambling author. William finished his undergraduate studies at the School of Mathematics and Statistics at the prestigious University of Melbourne. His math-based education helped him to stand out from the crowd and make prognoses much more professional than the usual gamer can do.

In his early career days, in 2005, William demonstrated an uncanny ability to blend passion with precision. Due to his degree in exact sciences at Curtin University, he immersed himself in comprehensive analyses, diving deep into the mechanics of various games and gambling systems. And even after years of work in the industry, his fascination for games of chance didn’t become wicker.

He has been a featured speaker at numerous prestigious conferences, including the Global Gaming Expo 2015 and the NAGS Annual Conference 2019. His presentations on topics like odds calculation, and the ethical dimensions of the industry have garnered attention and respect from fellow professionals.

In addition, William is a devoted father of two sons. His supportive spouse works in the finance industry, which has led to interesting discussions about risk, probability, and financial management, often providing William with unique insights into his gambling-related articles.

The Mitchells share their life with a loyal companion, a friendly Labrador dog called Monica. She is not only a faithful friend, but a constant source of joy and relaxation. Long walks in the park with his dog offer William a chance to relax and clear his mind, often leading to new ideas and inspirations for his writing.

William Mitchell is a sports amateur, with a particular interest in rugby. As a dedicated fan, he can often be found cheering in the stands at various rugby tournaments. Every time William visits the match of his favorite team Wallabies, the national rugby union team in Australia, his eyes shine with excitement.

For now, Mr. Mitchell is not just a prominent voice in the iGaming landscape but also a professional whose work boosts local and global industries in the right direction of responsible gambling and fair play culture. His education and family all contribute to the unique perspective he brings to his writing on the complex world of gambling.

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