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Craps Online in Australia

A type of centuries-old dice entertainment that took roots in the casino is craps. It is usually unfairly disregarded and overlooked in favour of more mainstream amusements, like roulette or blackjack. Nevertheless, there is always excitement and vigour when you play at the craps table. Plus, the gameplay is no-bother: players one-by-one roll the dice and then count points.

With the introduction of Internet casinos, craps also made its appearance on gambling web portals that drove its popularity and made it available to users from anywhere in the world. What attracts craps amateurs? Fascinating gameplay, multiple bets, large payouts at individual rates, a low advantage of a casino, and more. See what you can get!

Top Casinos For Online Craps

Craps online go stride for stride with land-based establishments. Your experience in a virtual casino will not be less captivating or engaging. Premier software providers upgrade their applications all the time, which results in favourable rules, a user-friendly interface, and realistic design. Most notably, you can gamble for free. We have selected some highly reputable Internet casinos for a decent game.


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Guideline To Play Online Craps

Despite its vivid simplicity for experienced gamblers, newcomers initially fear to play this game. But it merely requires some comprehension. Craps is arranged in two steps:

  1. Come Out Roll or the first roll of a shooter (=a player who throws the dice) who can get 7 or 11 points to collect Natural, win, and repeat the roll. If the shooter rolls 4-6, 8-10, they get Point, and proceed to the second round. Rolling out 2, 3 or 12, the player catches Craps and loses. Then, another player gets in.
  2. Point Roll. Here, you should roll the dice and get the Point from the previous round to win. At this stage, the game starts afresh. If your dice sums at 7, you lose and pass the turn.

Odds and Payouts

That is the gameplay from the shooter’s perspective. Simultaneously, other participants bet to predict the points on the dice after the shooter rolls.

Pass Line
- win 7, 11
- loss 2, 3, 12
- another - Point
if Point anticipates 7, win
Don't Pass Line
- win 2, 3, 12
- loss 7, 11
- another - Point
- if 7 anticipates Point, win
- the shooter’s next Point
- win 7, 11
- loss 2, 3, 12
- another - Come Point; remains unchanged the whole game
- if Come Point anticipates 7, win
Don't Come
- after Point is set
- win 2, 3, 12
- loss 7, 11
- another - Don't Come Point
- if 7 anticipates Don’t Come Point, win
Pass Line Odds
- extra bet to Pass Line
- made after Point
- similar to Pass Line
Don't Pass Line Odds
- extra bet to Don't Pass Line
- made after Point
- similar to Don't Pass Line
Come Odds
- extra bet to Come
- made after Point
- similar to Come
Don't Come Odds
- extra bet to Don't Come
- made after Point
- similar to Don't Come
any number to roll out before 7
a certain number to NOT roll out before 7
Hard Way
a double of 2, 3, 4, 5 to roll out before 7
Big Six
6 to roll out before 7
Big Eight
8 to roll out before 7
the next roll to be 2-4, 9-12
Any Craps (C)
2, 3, 12
C Two
C Twelve
C Three
Any Seven

Each casino specifies its payment rates for the game of craps. Still, the general outline is the following:

Pass Line/Don’t Pass Line Come/Don’t Come
1 : 1
Pass Line Odds/Come Odds
4, 10 - 2 : 1
5, 9 - 3 : 2
6, 8 - 6 : 5
Don’t Pass Line Odds/Don’t Come Odds
4, 10 - 1 : 2
5, 9 - 2 : 3
6, 8 - 5 : 6
4, 10 - 9 : 5
5, 9 - 7 : 5
6, 8 - 7 : 6
4, 10 – 5 : 11
5, 9 - 5 : 8
6, 8 - 4 : 5
Hard Way
3, 4 - 9 : 1
2, 5 - 7 : 1
Big Six/Big Eight
1 : 1
3, 4, 9-11 - 1 : 1
2, 12 - 2 : 1
Any Craps (C)
7 : 1
C Two/C Twelve
30 : 1
C Three
15 : 1
Any Seven
4 : 1
15 : 1

Play Online Craps For Real Money

Brief History of Casino Craps

Games with dice were one of the earliest to attract gamblers on territories from India to Rome. Some say the game is called after a no-win combination consisting of two digits that resemble the crab’s eyes. Its predecessor entertainment is Hazard that got to America in the 18th century and took several changes.

At the beginning of the 20th century, people could already play craps as we know it today. By the 30s, it already dominated every land-based casino. In the 90s, however, this amusement faded. Currently, the game is somewhat regaining its momentum and regularly reveals itself on monitors.

Tips To Win at Online Craps

This amusement must be among the most profitable gambling games. Yet, never forget that bets have multiple mathematical advantages of the house, with this range incredibly diverse: from zero to tens of per cent.

Other important factors to keep in mind:

  1. Thoroughly read instructions before you gamble for real cash.
  2. Start with chargeless craps and prove various strategies.
  3. Sort out RTP for different bets and give preference only to the most fruitful.
  4. Acquire the fundamental toolkit of terms.
  5. Take progressive betting approaches with a grain of salt: they are unlikely to protect you from the casino mathematical advantage.
  6. Always check rules and payout rates in various models.


Where to play online craps?

The Internet environment offers a delightful scope of premium destinations, where each place is ready to share its unique introductions and developments. You can find an online portal yourself or pick a casino from our compilation of top-notch gambling websites to stay sure of providers’ reliability.

Can I gamble online craps for real money?

You most certainly can! It is available in most virtual casinos. Here are some practical recommendations from professional gamblers. Choose variants with the highest payout. Learn to estimate the best bets. Play only on certified and audited sites. Learn to properly manage your bankroll. Do not get carried away and stay wise.

Is online craps rigged?

Software providers install RNG (random number generators) that ensures transparent gameplay. Moreover, casino providers constantly undergo examinations carried out by independent auditing agencies that check software and issue licenses accordingly. It is even more profitable for a casino that you win and collaborate with this site regularly.

What strategy is the best for casino craps?

Specialists say that progressive tactics, like Martingale, will not do. They do not affect the house edge. But then, figure out which modifications present the most favourable RTP, which is the Odds Bet. Remember! To make this bet, you first need to bet on the Don't Pass/Don’t Come or Pass/Come.

Is it illegal to play craps?

Virtual casinos that we demonstrate in our guide are 100% legal and certified. Since they are mostly registered offshore, they fully conform to the norms and regulations of the governing state. Thus, gambling in such a casino, you become a party to that particular jurisdiction and completely satisfy the legality.